Viewing SafeAssign Originality Reports

Note: Only the module leader and "lecturer" can see the originality reports. The "grader" role is not supported.

Once students start submitting assignments, lecturers will be able to see the Originality Reports by going to the Control Panel and in the Course Tools section, choosing "SafeAssign" (which will show all of the assignments) OR "SafeAssign by Group" (which separates the assignments by tutorial groups) .


You will then see the following:


The link for "Synchronize this course" is used early in a semester if the names listed do not match with the current students.

Click on "View" to see the list of students in your class, with a link to the originality report for their submitted assignments.

You will see something like the following. You can sort by Student Name or Matching percentage:


Text shows a text-only version of the submitted assignment.

File allows you to see the original file submitted by the student.

Matching indicates how much of the assignment was copied. (This is not necessarily the amount that was plagiarised. It could include properly quoted material or it may all be plagiarised).

SA Report gives you more detail on the original sources for the assignment. It may be from websites, other students' assignments or from library databases.

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