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What is the difference between quoting, paraphrasing, summarising and cheating?

What type of citation should I use? (In-line or footnotes?)

What style of citation should I use in my module? (There are different styles for sciences, humanities, social sciences, etc.)

What kind of bibliography or reference list should I include?


Where can I find more information on plagiarism?


See also Referencing.

Check with your School for the correct way of acknowledging another persons's work and for bibliographies. It is different for different disciplines.

NUS have an excellent video-based plagiarism site at Plagiarism.NUS. It contains a realistic scenario where students are about to hand in a plagiarised assignment.

The Capital Community College website has excellent information on the topic of plagiarism: Guide to Research, in particular, Plagiarism.

(Thank you to the anonymous student who supplied this link.)

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