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Ngee Ann Polytechnic is required to take reasonable steps to ensure that the data, which has been transferred to your Employer, is managed in accordance with the data protection principle in the Singapore Government Instruction Manual (IM8). Hence, we seek your agreement to abide by the following usage terms and conditions:
1. The data released in IMS and in all correspondences with regards to the Internship Programme is confidential and shall:
  • Be used only by the requestor or by an authorised Data User of the receiving organisation;
  • Be used only for the purpose(s) stated in the email/form; and
  • NOT be shared with another Government Agency or other third party without the written approval of the Polytechnic, unless otherwise authorised or required by law.
    2. The receiving organisation shall be responsible for ensuring that there is no un-authorised access, use, modification, disclosure or misuse of the data provided;
    3. The receiving organisation shall be responsible for ensuring that all authorised Data User(s):
  • Exercise(s) caution in the use of the data;
  • Protect(s) the confidentiality of the information;
  • NOT make any copies of the data provided; and
  • Immediately delete(s) all confidential data that has been downloaded or stored either in diskettes, thumb drives, etc. after use.
    4. Confidential data on printed reports must be immediately shredded after use. If it is not immediately shredded, it must be sealed in locked boxes and stored securely while awaiting disposal.

    Please note that although the internship programme serves to fulfil academic course requirements and does not constitute an employer-employee relationship between interns and the company, Ngee Ann Polytechnic being a statutory board treats employment issues and working conditions very seriously and therefore expects companies to provide working conditions for its students similar to the minimum standards prescribed for employees generally under the Employment Act of Singapore or other jurisdiction in which the internship is performed.
    Note: While every request for interns will be given due consideration, Ngee Ann Polytechnic reserves the right to reject or partially fulfill submitted request.
    Terms and Conditions Date:  22/10/2021 02:44 AM  
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